New Year, New Materials....

January 6, 2010

Happy New Year! With the new year comes new materials and lessons-yah! (I was starting to get bored:) Here are some shots of my classroom shelves and the work on them. Thank you, to my teaching partner who is constantly coming up with ways to create our own materials. Its always inspiring to work with someone who continually challenges you and pushes you to to be the best teacher you can be. And oddly enough, the kids always seem to enjoy the handmade materials better. Gotta love that!
Sensorial Shelf:

Full Set of Color Tablets
Blue Triangles Box
Sound Cylinders
Knobbed Cylinders
Shape Board
Geometric Shapes with Picture Boards
Geometric Solids

Math Shelf:

1-10 Stamping
Spindle Boxes
Hanging Teen Bead Board
11-20 quantities
1-10 matching and quantities
Red and Blue Number Rods

Language Shelf:

Sand Paper Letters (groups 1, 2 and 3)
Letter Card Matching game
A-Z Letters and Phonetic Objects
Push Pinning (minus the material to push pin on)
Name Card Tracing

Practical Life Shelf:

Dry Pouring
Cleaning a Dry Spill
5 Bolt Board
Cleaning a Wet Spill
Peg Board

Science and Geography Shelf:

My Place in the World Blocks
Puzzle Map and Picture Cards of New York City
Continent Puzzle
Magnetic Vs. Non-Magnetic
Rough Vs. Smooth

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  1. Linds! What a fantastic classroom you have. What is the difference between regular school and Montessori? I get the feeling Montessori is more about building, using the senses ect., but I'm sure I am way off. I'd be really interested to know! Anyways, I love your thoughts and wish I had such a cool teacher growing up! I have LOTS of opinions on schooling since my learning style was never used while growing up. I struggled sooooo much in school! xoxo lisa

  2. Thank you for you comment! There are loads of differences but the biggest and most important in my opinion is the free choice and independence the children are allowed. Can they do as the please and run around the classroom? Absolutely not but ultimately they hold the power in how their day goes. The classroom is a very controlled environment where each child can comfortably come and choose his or her "work". For example, if a child wants to work on numbers he has the choice to do so by going to the number/math shelf and choosing something he'd like to work on. It is hard to fully understand unless you see a classroom in action but the kids take care of the room, themselves and each other quite beautifully.

  3. and PS Ms. Frame, The Spork Project is freaking adorable! Congrats to the two of you!


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