Montessori inspired rooms

January 16, 2010

I just discovered the most amazing site which illustrates children's design where I stumbled across these beautiful Montessori inspired children's rooms. They're gorgeous!

In this room you see that everything is at children's level- art work, shelving, bed, table etc. I absolutely love the "care of self" vanity. Often in a Montessori classroom you will find a similar "vanity" where the children are able to wipe their face, blow their nose etc. Its such an important part of building a child's independence. I also love the natural colors and nature decor in the room. Having art work and "toys" that are realistic is another huge part of the philosophy. It is okay to be imaginative (great in fact) but its important for kids to understand reality. I love this room! job well done.

Here is another great room! Again, everything is at children's level- bed, shelf, mirror, table and chairs. I love the simplicity of the room. The green table and chairs brighten the room up giving it the kid vibe it needs.

It is so great to see the Montessori method being applied in children's rooms! With that said, I do believe it's super important to allow your children to simply play when they are at home. Let school be their place for work and home be their place of comfort and play.


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