Preschoolers inspire...

January 15, 2010

Circle time with my class is usually a very fun, happy and sometimes silly experience for both the kids and me. Today, I would add the word inspiring to the list. This week we began discussing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr given MLK day is on Monday. I first read them a story about Dr. King, which proved to be difficult. I was trying my best to shelter them from the actual issues Dr. King faced. Instead of talking about racism or using the words black and white, I talked in general terms saying everybody wasn't always nice to each other etc. Im not sure if this is a smart thing to do as their teacher but given the fact that they're 3, 4 and 5, it seems a topic better suited for their parents. Anyways, the story then led to a discussion on ways we can help make the world into a better place. I couldn't believe how much of the story and issues they understood and processed. The entire conversation, I kept thinking to myself - this is such an amazing discussion i'm having with these little kids. If only us adults could live by these "ways we can make the world a better place":

1. We could help when our friends need help
2. We could use our words instead of our hands when we're sad or angry
3. We can love our families
4. We can stop fighting
5. We can keep the air blue and clean

Rock on little ones. We could all learn a thing or two from you :)
Ms. Dewald


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