Tooting our horn

January 23, 2010

Okay, So not to brag, but wow do I have the most amazing class parents. I have not yet figured out if its a New York City private school thing or if we just got lucky and have the best school community around. Either way, let me give you a few examples of why we rock :) Its extremely common at our school for each classes parents and teachers to get together for drinks, dinner etc. It sounds so weird right? I came from a school in Cincinnati, Ohio where this would have been considered odd beyond belief but when you really think about it, shouldn't these parents be interested in really knowing their child's teachers? Often times we do spend more time with these kids than their parents do so it only makes sense. Of course you need to be careful about crossing lines but it has never come to that and every get together/meeting has always been so easy and comfortable. Last week our school hosted a "parent workshop". Every school should implement this. Here's the premise-parents come into their child's classroom, learn about the materials their children are exposed to and are able to (in our case) ask/learn more about the Montessori philosophy. It is such a great way for parents to be educated on their child's environment and work. These sorts of events always end up being so much fun. It's such a pleasure to get together with my students parents without my students around. I mean that in the nicest way. I love these kids to pieces and to be able to get to know, on a personal level their parents and where they come from, makes you feel that much more connected to them. So basically what i'm saying is this-Don't be afraid to get to know one another (parents and teachers) It is such a benefit on both ends to know who your parents are and who your child's teacher is. It builds your community and leaves you feeling well connected. So you be the one to organize the next social gathering. It will be well worth it, trust me.


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