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January 20, 2010

In my 4 years of teaching, I have been faced with some extremely challenging situations involving some amazing kids who suffer from autism and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) My problem is, I put my heart and soul into my kids each year and when I have a child in my class with special needs, I feel completely helpless. More times than not, the days go by smoothly with these children and I feel a great connection and interaction with them. However, when something disrupts their routine or doesnt "click" well with them I'm out of my element, so to speak. Its heartbreaking and disheartening. I am a Montessori, early ed experienced teacher and ill equipt to handle the needs of children who deserve special attention and care. So to better educate myself, I am constantly reading the latest journals and articles dealing with these matters. I found this great one that deals with supporting children who face social challenges, specifically asperger syndrome via www.education.com and found it to be very insightful. Follow the link to read:


  1. Hi Lindsay - I'm so glad you found our article helpful and I really appreciate your sharing it with your readers! As a mom of a Montessori graduate I was excited to find your blog and I look forward to spending more time reading here! Let me know if you ever have ideas for articles or resources we should add! Thanks again,

    Kat (Education.com)

  2. Hi Kat! Thank you so much for your comment! I would love to be able to bounce ideas off on you. Education.com has always been an amazing and insightful resource of mine :) Thank you again. Looking forward to speaking with you in the future.


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