Kindergarten admissions. Really?

February 8, 2010

Everyone knows how I feel about Kindergarten admissions tests and interviews right? If you do not-I HATE THEM! In my Nursery University post ( I talked a little bit about how silly, pointless, and pretentious I think they are. How can you judge a 4 yr. olds intelligence with one "test" administered by a complete stranger where parents are not allowed? I can not think of a scarier experience for a child to endure, and to think that this scenario is the deciding factor in whether or not the child is "accepted" into private school is absurd. I found this New York Magazine article, "The Junior Meritocracy", which illustrates these tests, and the psychology behind them wonderfully. Such an interesting read that all parents and teachers will find it either insightful or disgusting (hopefully the latter) Welcome to the world of New York City private schools...


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