A little treat for the coffee lovers - Larry's Beans!

February 18, 2010

"Larry’s Beans’ Purpose in Life is to concoct wondrously luscious works of coffee and make the world better at the same time. " So cool and get this, not only does Larry's Beans strive to make the best darn cup of coffee, they're making a positive impact on the world. Seriously. Nicaragua, for example- Larry's sent a team there to record some of the farmers music! I freakin' love that! Oh and also, "We've green-o-vated our roasting plant with passive solar, wind-powered vents, rainwater harvesting, fruit bushes and even dual flush toilets. Our delivery bus runs on vegetable grease. We provide Raleigh’s only distribution point for Biodiesel 100 fuel (locally brewed by our friends at Piedmont Biofuels). Our employees enjoy open air offices, afterall, we believe that business should make the world a happier place. And, to get other folks up to speed, we created Sustainability School.

100% fair trade, shade grown, and organic = perfection.

Below is the delicious product review from my good friend Lisa Frame for Abes Market
Enjoy! Thanks, Larry's Beans for the amazing and yummy work you do :)

Larry's Beans from Abe's Market on Vimeo.


  1. Aw i love it and the coffee addiction we share together :)


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