Map of the world.

February 3, 2010

By far one of my favorite geography lessons/work for the kids. The work itself is fairly simple and the finished product is beautiful. After an introduction of each continent, each continent is then push pinned (of course you all know what push pinning is b/c you've read my post on it, right? Just in case, here's a recap :) Once a continent is punched out each child goes to their map and pastes that continent in its proper place. In most Montessori classrooms you will find a wooden puzzle map (pictured) which serves as a guide for the kids. Montessori materials are just so dang pretty! Here is a map in progress....

Materials needed:

1.Outline of each continent
2.Colored construction paper:
-orange-North America
-pink-South America
-brown- Australia
-blue-world template

3.push pin
4.mouse pad/mat to push pin on


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