Brooklyn weekends.

April 24, 2010

My weekends in BK, quite honestly could not be any better.  I absolutely adore my neighborhood (Fort Greene) and the people in it. There is such a mix of ages, races and styles.  Although I will say everyone is "cool." Its insane how many people are able to pull together outfits that say "I dont care" but look so damn good.  I love that!

My neighborhood alone, houses the most amazing flea market and farmers market.  We have a beautiful park (Fort Greene park) loads of restaurants, coffee shops and unique stores.

So, because I've been so out of touch with "Bits of my Weekend" introduced by Six in the City , I thought i'd start sharing my weekend with a few visuals as they happen. Here's some snippets of my Saturday...

Coffee Time: Jack's Coffee @ Rice

Farmers Market: Fort Greene

Flea Market: Brooklyn Flea


  1. So glad to see your weekend pics again! I need to go to the Brooklyn Flea market!

  2. I share your love of coffee. Perhaps I'll post about our favorite cafe here in Maputo, Moçambique. It's a privilege to have coffee with beans shipped directly from Malawi. I'm spoiled.

    I enjoyed your post.

  3. Love your pictures, very unique lighting. What are you using, camera-wise? And you've got me all hankering for a flea market now!

  4. Thank you! I shoot with a canon eos rebel and then play around with them in iphoto. the flea market in brooklyn is amazing! if ever in the area, stop by!

  5. I love the tint or filter that you are using on your photos - it gives it a romantic European feel :)


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