Coffee spotlight: Over the Rhine Coffee

April 21, 2010

As a native and lover of Cincinnati, when I found out about the Over the Rhine Coffee  bean blend (via  park+vine) my heart melted.  For those of you that don't know, Over the Rhine is a neighborhood located in the urban core of the city that has been plagued with a bad reputation and past years which have given the hoods rep credibility. BUT thankfully, now the neighborhood is on the rise and is attracting artists, hipsters, young families, socially conscious folks, etc, etc. Basically, I love OTR! So, when I found out that the Cincinnati band, coincidentally also named Over the Rhine (Awesome!) created it's own blend of delicious, organic, fair traded brew, I jumped at the chance to support!  I especially love that the description reads " specially blended for artists, writers, musicians, day dreamers, and night walkers! This fresh-roasted, organic, fair trade coffee bean blend is inspired by our love of good music, good conversation, good laughter, good living, and best kept secrets -- all of which are meant to be shared.This unique blend is fresh-roasted exclusively for Over the Rhine by La Terza Coffee ( formerly Chuck Roast Coffee) and is delivered to you as whole beans so you can grind them yourself." 

So start your mornings off right with a blend thats inspiring and yummy. Gotta love that....


  1. If you love OTR, I assume you've tried the Coffee Emporium! Another favorite coffee stop :)

  2. I have been to Coffee Emporium. I'm looking forward to enjoying it on a regular basis once I move back to Cincy at the end of the month! Thanks for your comment, Lindsey!


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