A word of praise

April 12, 2010

You might remember my school spotlight featuring The New School Montessori.  Well, I had the pleasure of observing and touring the school while I was in Cincinnati this past week thanks to Director, Eric Dustman. (Sorry I've been away so long, Im sure you have all been dying for new Coffee posts :)  As I said in my earlier post about the school, the campus is just beautiful (honestly) and the philosophy is inspiring.  The old school motto of "knowledge is power" has recently been changed to "feed the mind, open the heart".  I absolutely adore this!  Is there a better message to send to our kids today? I think not. Oh, and the school is housed in an old mansion built by a furniture maker from Cincinnati.  So, several of the classrooms have the most amazing, ornate fireplaces (not working of course) and molding imaginable.  I mean, can I live in this school?! One of my favorite things about the school - Everyday the kids bring a piece of fruit to school for the community fruit bowl.  The 9-12 aged students clean the fruit everyday for the rest of the school. Then, at lunch time each child gets to choose a fruit to enjoy as part of their lunch.  This is the most amazing example of community a school could possibly exemplify.  Love, love love!  Thank you for sharing your school AND thoughts with me....


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