Fixin' for: Iced Coffee!

May 26, 2010

As I've come to learn, the perfect mason jar is the key to making the most scrumptious home made iced brew. I found mine at the Brooklyn Flea market for 4 bucks! Steal!  With a little help from Southern Plate, my mornings have just gotten a whole lot brighter.  Here's what you need to make your own iced brew:
-a good jar (doesn't have to be a "mason jar" any glass jar with a lid will do)
-(organic) coffee filters
-a sieve
-a bowl/cup for draining the coffee into
-and of course, (organic) Coffee


1.The night before OR around 6 hours before drinking mix your coffee and water together in your jar. Give a little shake so all grains are moist.
2. Let sit for 6+ hours.  I'm sure you don't have to let it sit that long but the longer the better.  Unlike hot coffee we are relying on time to brew our coffee, not heat.
3. When ready, put a filter (I use 2 just to be safe) in your sieve and drain.
4. Unless your drinking out of a bowl, pour into cup, add ice and enjoy!

Thats it. And yes, It's THAT good.

*If you have extra coffee, clean your jar out and pour excess back in. Refrigerate and enjoy some for later!

Ships Ahoy!

May 22, 2010

Photo Credits: Fine Little Day

Holy cow, these are a-mazing!  8 yr. old Otto (Son of creator and writer for Fine little Day design blog) designed these super awesome prints for wallpaper.  Is it just me or do they resemble a Wes Anderson film? Needless to say, I am so in love and if I had a child you better believe these would be on his walls.  

Cheese? Really? You won't eat cheese?

May 18, 2010

Okay, I know usually I'm very upbeat and positive but I've had enough! I'm talking about 4 yr. olds who refuse to eat cheese as a snack! Okay, not just cheese but anything that is not a carb.  I am so confused how this happens.  Parents, help me out - Here's how I think your meal times at home should go down (correct me if i'm wrong) You, the parents set the menu with a little elbow room for side dishes. Say dinner tonight is chicken breast, broccoli, salad, and rice- Yum!  Your kid doesn't want broccoli (go figure) so you give him a choice - If not broccoli, its either green beans or corn. Choose 4 yr old. Right? Im such an advocate of choices as long as they are within the boundaries of what you originally had in mind as a healthy meal.  But the conversation should not go like this. "Okay tommy, you don't want broccoli, what do you want?" Tommy- "cheddar bunnies". "Okay, fine." WRONG! Your child has just won and is not opening his taste buds to a delicious variety of foods, which as I've learned results in them only sticking with foods their comfortable with, which most of the time is the carb snacks, pretzels, pirates booty, cheddar bunnies, crackers etc. I'm not saying these things are bad (in moderation) but I am saying that it becomes a problem when those are the only types of things they'll eat.  

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

(oh, and the title - this was really a battle I had with a small child at work this week :)

Which floor do you live on?

May 17, 2010

This is why I love teaching in New York City.  Can you guess what this is?

Yep, its an apartment building.  It's just so cool to me that apartment living is the norm in such a dense city. (Don't feel sorry for these yard-less kids. They're places are out of control insane and the city is their playground anyways :)  My favorite question about where I live - What floor do you live on Ms. Dewald?
(the answer is the 4th :)

Montessori Material: Knobbless Cylinders


Giddy for: Family

May 15, 2010

Today, Saturday May 15 2010, my newest "nephew" was born! (technically, baby is my second cousin but his mommy is truly like my sister soooooo, nephew it is!) His 4 yr. old sister is my God daughter and I couldn't possibly love them more than I already do. Honestly, it's overpowering at times, when I think about how strong my love is for the little ones in my life.  When my time comes for motherhood I can't even imagine what the intensity of my emotions and feelings will be like towards my child. (I mean, the feelings I have for my puppy are scary sometimes. Errrr, awkward)  I'm pretty sure they're going to be out of this world.  So with the birth of my newest and only nephew (so far) things are put into perspective.  What is and should be the biggest priority in our lives? Family, right? It's such a shame when people loose sight of this.  So aside from feeling overwhelmed with happiness today, I'm overwhelmed with sadness - I was not there today to welcome the newest member of my family. Long distance has it's hardships for sure and missing out on moments like this one are what make it hard.  With that said, I can't wait to meet you baby boy.  Welcome to the world.
All my love, kisses and squeezes
Auntie Lindsay

Smorie Telling

May 10, 2010

Truly in love with my latest discovery,

 "Original stories read by kids, for kids" - Genius!

You really just have to check it out for yourselves :) 

Mother's Day!

May 9, 2010

I suppose my blog (and the phone of course) are the only things connecting me to my momma today. Sadly Im in Brooklyn while she's in Cincinnati.  As i've gotten older, enjoying a cup of coffee with my mom (& mother in law) has become one of my most favorite past times.  Being home, smelling the aroma of fresh brewed coffee and engaging in good conversation truly builds our already solid bond and connection.  I would not be half the woman I am today without my mom, who was a single, working mom of two.  How she did it, I have no idea but she did and if I do say so myself, she did a damn good job. I love you, mom.

Song of the Day: I hope you dance by: Lee Ann Womack


May 6, 2010

It's finally here! What looks to be the most amazing Mother's Day film EVER (coming to theaters this weekend!)  I wrote about this film when I first learned about it months ago, here and am so glad it is finally coming out!  I'm like a kid who's been waiting for Christmas morning with this one.  Not only does the film visually look amazing but the concept is beautiful - this tale follows 4 babies who live in completely different parts of the world, from infancy to their first steps.  It's about the journey of humanity and feeling connected as we have all traveled this same journey.  Please follow the link to the film's website and enjoy the stunning trailer below.  Happy Mother's Day to a world full of wonderful mothers!

Terrible two's....

May 4, 2010

A lot of you are moms. Me too.....
I'm pretty sure the 8 month phase in a puppies life is very similar to the two year stage in a toddlers and at this rate, i'm about to go bonkers!  I absolutely adore this little rascal  and on the other hand, I'm about ready to send him to "the farm"  How do you amazing mothers keep your sanity every single day? I'd love to hear stories!

Happy Mothers Day (really should be AT LEAST a week, right?) to all the amazing women and mommies out there!

Taking the LEED

May 3, 2010

I'm GREEN with envy and I know Jamie Oliver would be proud.  Sacred Hearts Schools' in Atherton, California is the first school to obtain the LEED platinum certification under the new LEED for schools program AND the first school in the county to use fruits and veggies from an on-site organic garden for the schools food service in the cafeteria! How cool is that!?  The school is also designed to use 69% less energy than a typical school and has some incredible green features, which you MUST read about here .

photo credits, Sacred Hearts Schools, Atherton

Brooklyn weekends 2.

May 2, 2010

It's time for Saturday & Sunday snippets! (also known as "bits of my weekend")  My hubby and I had a great weekend, yet again in our Brooklyn hood, Fort Greene.  Saturday I went into the city (Manhattan) for a work event that took place during the TriBeCa family festival.  Super cute and the TriBeCa kids and families all seemed to have a really good time.  Saturday night we headed over to our friends rooftop grill out in Bushwick.  The view of Manhattan from their roof was amazing! Oh and the endless amounts of pasta salads, fruit salads, hot dogs, sausages and chicken wasn't bad either! Yum town for sure.  Sunday we volunteered at the Fort Greene homes tour. Okay, honestly the homes in this neighborhood are insanity.  If only I had a billion dollars......

And clearly I grabbed my sunday morning iced coffee from Jacks, which is quickly becoming my go to coffee spot.  Something about spring and summer weekends that just fills my heart with happiness, you know what I mean?  How was your weekend!?

Here's to a new week! Make it great :)


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