Cheese? Really? You won't eat cheese?

May 18, 2010

Okay, I know usually I'm very upbeat and positive but I've had enough! I'm talking about 4 yr. olds who refuse to eat cheese as a snack! Okay, not just cheese but anything that is not a carb.  I am so confused how this happens.  Parents, help me out - Here's how I think your meal times at home should go down (correct me if i'm wrong) You, the parents set the menu with a little elbow room for side dishes. Say dinner tonight is chicken breast, broccoli, salad, and rice- Yum!  Your kid doesn't want broccoli (go figure) so you give him a choice - If not broccoli, its either green beans or corn. Choose 4 yr old. Right? Im such an advocate of choices as long as they are within the boundaries of what you originally had in mind as a healthy meal.  But the conversation should not go like this. "Okay tommy, you don't want broccoli, what do you want?" Tommy- "cheddar bunnies". "Okay, fine." WRONG! Your child has just won and is not opening his taste buds to a delicious variety of foods, which as I've learned results in them only sticking with foods their comfortable with, which most of the time is the carb snacks, pretzels, pirates booty, cheddar bunnies, crackers etc. I'm not saying these things are bad (in moderation) but I am saying that it becomes a problem when those are the only types of things they'll eat.  

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

(oh, and the title - this was really a battle I had with a small child at work this week :)


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