Fixin' for: Iced Coffee!

May 26, 2010

As I've come to learn, the perfect mason jar is the key to making the most scrumptious home made iced brew. I found mine at the Brooklyn Flea market for 4 bucks! Steal!  With a little help from Southern Plate, my mornings have just gotten a whole lot brighter.  Here's what you need to make your own iced brew:
-a good jar (doesn't have to be a "mason jar" any glass jar with a lid will do)
-(organic) coffee filters
-a sieve
-a bowl/cup for draining the coffee into
-and of course, (organic) Coffee


1.The night before OR around 6 hours before drinking mix your coffee and water together in your jar. Give a little shake so all grains are moist.
2. Let sit for 6+ hours.  I'm sure you don't have to let it sit that long but the longer the better.  Unlike hot coffee we are relying on time to brew our coffee, not heat.
3. When ready, put a filter (I use 2 just to be safe) in your sieve and drain.
4. Unless your drinking out of a bowl, pour into cup, add ice and enjoy!

Thats it. And yes, It's THAT good.

*If you have extra coffee, clean your jar out and pour excess back in. Refrigerate and enjoy some for later!


  1. reminds me of my mason jar/Iced coffee post last month! I use coconut milk in mine, delish.

  2. oops wrong link:

  3. Lis! I loved your post...I have to admit, it was a bit influential in my own :)


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