Giddy for: Family

May 15, 2010

Today, Saturday May 15 2010, my newest "nephew" was born! (technically, baby is my second cousin but his mommy is truly like my sister soooooo, nephew it is!) His 4 yr. old sister is my God daughter and I couldn't possibly love them more than I already do. Honestly, it's overpowering at times, when I think about how strong my love is for the little ones in my life.  When my time comes for motherhood I can't even imagine what the intensity of my emotions and feelings will be like towards my child. (I mean, the feelings I have for my puppy are scary sometimes. Errrr, awkward)  I'm pretty sure they're going to be out of this world.  So with the birth of my newest and only nephew (so far) things are put into perspective.  What is and should be the biggest priority in our lives? Family, right? It's such a shame when people loose sight of this.  So aside from feeling overwhelmed with happiness today, I'm overwhelmed with sadness - I was not there today to welcome the newest member of my family. Long distance has it's hardships for sure and missing out on moments like this one are what make it hard.  With that said, I can't wait to meet you baby boy.  Welcome to the world.
All my love, kisses and squeezes
Auntie Lindsay


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