Terrible two's....

May 4, 2010

A lot of you are moms. Me too.....
I'm pretty sure the 8 month phase in a puppies life is very similar to the two year stage in a toddlers and at this rate, i'm about to go bonkers!  I absolutely adore this little rascal  and on the other hand, I'm about ready to send him to "the farm"  How do you amazing mothers keep your sanity every single day? I'd love to hear stories!

Happy Mothers Day (really should be AT LEAST a week, right?) to all the amazing women and mommies out there!


  1. Let's see... wine, tequila, vodka J/K! The mom job can be quite daunting and stressful, but there is this wonderful thing called unconditional love. When I get to the point of wanting to rip my own ear drums out so I don't have to hear the whining or crying, I take a step back and tell myself that I would much rather have the tough times than not be a mom at all!

  2. ahhhh, unconditional love. That's a beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing!


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