left my heart in El Salvador....

June 27, 2010

I can't even begin to express how amazing, eye opening and life altering this experience has been for me.  The children of El Salvador have changed me, touched me, affected me, and will forever be a part of my heart.  
The poverty in the country is nothing like what we see in the U.S, yet these kids smile, play and laugh all day long.  The group I traveled with, worked in a small village called San Luis Talpa where we mixed concrete, poured concrete, dug holes, cut grass, filled holes, etc for a community of houses funded by the fuller center for housing.  The families that qualify for these simple, concrete homes are amongst the poorest, usually coming from homes made of tin with dirt floors.  No running water, no bathroom.  

All of the kids in this community have touched me.  They remained by our sides the entire week which made saying goodbye extremely difficult. The boy pictured last is Oscar.  He is 13 years old and he currently lives in a house made of tin with a dirt floor.  Oscar doesn't speak any english, I don't speak any spanish (must learn), yet somehow Oscar and I connected and formed a really special bond.  Oscar and his family worked with us all week as a payment for one of the houses.  He wants to go to college and become an accountant.  On our last day at the work site Oscar approached me, took my hand in his and tied a bracelet around my wrist that he made.  He told me he wished it was more beautiful but he only had one color to work with. (it IS extremely beautiful. A greenish turquoise color that will remain on my wrist for as along as it will last) I can't think of Oscar without tearing up.  The fact that he made me a bracelet (on a dirt floor) moves me more than I'll ever be able to express.  

Always in my heart......
Angel, Santos, Manuel, Pablo, Flor, Armondo, Eric, Michael, Fernando, Salvador and Oscar.


  1. Such an amazing post, Lindsay. My husband spent a summer in El Salvador as part of an outreach/internship program while in graduate school. His thoughts about the country are very similar to what you expressed here. Seeing the people, especially the children, living in such poverty changed him forever.


  2. i know exactly what you're feeling. its amazing and gut wrenching all in the same thought. glad you made it home safe. cant wait to hear about your next trip there;) thanks for sharing:) peace. mel

  3. Thank you for your comments! It was truly amazing and life changing indeed. I'm itching to get back or to another project. I can't even accurately describe my experience with words. This post is hopefully insightful in one way or another. Thank you again.

  4. linz, beautiful post! the pictures are great and the words are meaningful. the fact that the experience is so indescribable is what makes it so amazing and special. i had a blast with you and the gang and am so happy our idea to go abroad and serve became a reality. let's go otra vez! -em


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