Why am I not Swiss again??

August 26, 2010

So I've been away from the blogosphere for several weeks now and as badly as I feel about it, I really don't. I spent a wonderful 2 weeks touring Italy and Switzerland with my hunk.  The perfect end of summer, getting ready to move to Cincinnati trip that we needed.  Yes, our apartment is in shambles, our puppy is reeking much havoc at my in laws and we spent an un-godly amount of money but really, does any of that matter?? well, kind of but oh well!  On a serious note, I can not get over Switzerland's beauty. It is absolutely magical.  My absolute favorite place in the world has become Vals, Switzerland.  I felt like we were in some fantasy world. Every single place my eyes landed was beyond photo worthy.  Which leads me to the question- Why am I not Swiss again?  Enjoy the small taste of our photos. We had such a lovely time.  

photo credits lindsay & nick dewald


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