Crop To Cup.

October 28, 2010

Probably my most favorite coffee roaster.....EVER. true story.  I met the fine folks of Crop to Cup at the Brooklyn Flea so already my mood was high.  I needed a cup of coffee , so I headed to the Crop to Cup table.  The coffee was de-flippin-licious and so is their POV:

Quality Coffee is both a pleasure and a livelihood.

Coffee farmers sell into an open market. They sell to us because we pay higher prices for quality coffee. Higher prices encourage farmers to look at their coffee gardens as serious businesses. 

Our purchasing partners pay a 20% premium above market prices to reward farmers for putting in that extra effort to produce high quality coffee. It’s no easy task to make the coffee taste so good, and this reward is necessary.  

Find out all that goes into your cup (ummmm, this is super duper awesome)

Everyone deserves a stake in their own success.

As farmer representatives it only makes sense that the more we get for our clients’ coffee, the more they should get. As such, we put 5% of every coffee purchase to good use in the coffee’s origin community. Additionally, we reinvest back into farming communities one dollar out of every ten in profit through our 10% profit sharing plan.

Track your impact in your farmers’ community.

Good People +  Good Coffee = Something good.
So there’s good coffee, then there’s good coffee that does good too. While we do not know why homemade pie tastes better, we do know that the same holds true for coffee; knowing the person who cared for your coffee, and the story that goes into your cup, can enhance even the casual coffee experience. At Crop to Cup we believe that the quality of life for participating farmers is a large factor in the quality of coffee they produce. 

I adore the farmer profiles.  Check them out here.  Awesome, right?  


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