December 29, 2010

"An Awesome Book of Thanks" by Dallas Clayton has quickly turned into one of my most favorite children's books.  I read this super adorable, meaningful book to my nieces preschool class a few weeks ago and could not get over both the meaning and imagery. How AWESOME is the title of the book!?  Clayton has also put together the most fabulous website full of inspiration, creativity and fun, very awesome world (you got that right, Dallas!) Thanks for shining your light Mr. Clayton! 
(ps. this book is perfect for those who support montessori education. the message is simple and beautiful. nothing hokey :) 

"there didn't use to be boats" pg. 1 


  1. I discovered this book about a month ago when it was posted on another mommy site. After watching the accompanying trailer/promo, I immediately ordered it. Wow! This is one rockin' book!

  2. have you been on his website? incredibly creative and adorable :) by the way, do you have a blog?

  3. I have been on his website...he really is super inspirational!

    As far as a blog, I always say that I am going to set one up and then life- a.k.a. a 2 year old- puts in on the backburner. Any tips for a newbie, one day soon blogger? have also inspired me, because I am seriously considering pursuing a career at Montessori. My husband and I are considering leaving Jersey and making the move to NYC. I know that the reality of me finding a middle school teaching position, similar to what I am doing now, is near impossible. Still, I want to be in the classroom and I love all that Montessori promotes and stands for- seems like a good fit for me.

  4. I think 2011 is the year you start your blog! It's such a fun outlet. Thank you so much for you kind words! It really means a lot to me. Montessori is so wonderful and there a ton of Montessori opportunities in NYC. My school was in Tribeca :) There is a great training program on the upper west side at West Side Montessori that might be worth looking into. Good luck and let me know if you have questions or want to talk montessori! Thanks for your continued support with my blog! Happy 2011. xo

  5. Looks really good, I need to look for this book in local market and hope that I will find it easily. Thank you for sharing the information about it with us


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