A little Lovin'

July 29, 2011

With our move happening this weekend (I know, I know, enough of the move posts already, right? I promise once we get moved in, you'll still be hearing about the house and i'll be showing you more pictures- ha!) Anyways, in lieu of a proper post, would you do me a teeny favor and follow Little One Love on BlogLovin'? I've fallen in love with how easy it is to keep track of my favorite blogs and stay up to date with new posts, but like anything else in the social media world, it's so hard to gain "followers" yada yada yada. I've got some awesome sponsors over there on the ol' sidebar of this here blog and am super excited about some new things that will be happening around here in the near future. So what do you say? My virtual housewarming gift? Thanks friends, you're the best. xoxo
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Couldn't be more true around here.

{awesome print from Sugar Fresh. }

Today is good {moving time}

July 28, 2011

Thats right. It's finally here- this family of three is moving on up! Tonight starts the moving process and by Saturday evening, we'll be completely and fully soaking in the idea that this big old blue house belongs to us.  Thinking about waking up Sunday morning to enjoy a cup of coffee on our gigantic front porch is stirring excitement in me that I can't even contain! By the way, look at this big ol dog, would ya? What a spoiled rotten tomato :)

Swoon worthy finds {Fall Fashion}

July 26, 2011

Fall fashion is here, weather we like it or not. See what I did there with the word whether?- ha! Anyways, these ensembles are hitting this years fall fashion right on the head.  Layers have been in for a while now but the use of these deep, fall, adult like colors are big for kids this coming season.  We scooped up a lot of mustard, plum and browns for the shop at our last market. Here are some of my favorite kiddo fall looks:

We had a weekend + wedding photos!

July 25, 2011

Nothing major happened around these parts this weekend.  We took puppy boy to the river for a swim, drank iced coffees, packed most of our apartment up and took a tour of an old canning factory which happens to be the same factory we had our wedding photographs taken. Our good friend is the project manager for this particular project which is turning the factory into residential lofts. They're going to be really cool.

It was so weird AND fun to be back in that magical space.  This is the place where Nick and I        saw each other for the fist time on our wedding day- a memory I will cherish forever.  Thought it might be fun to share a few photos of us in the factory from our day:
♥  wedding photo credits: Loft3pd (excuse the not so great quality on some images-couldn't find the high res files :)

Today is {extra} good

July 22, 2011

Today is extra good because:

This house is OURS!!
we move in next weekend and couldn't be more excited. This home was built in 1880 and some of the original wood work remains making this blue baby extra special :)  Can't wait to get in there and show you guys the inside!
Things i love most- porch, color blue and flower boxes. 

Goodbye lovely apartment of ours.

July 20, 2011

I'm the kind of person that gets attached to everything. Puppies, kids, places I've visited while traveling and most definitely the places i've lived in.  This apartment of ours is one i'll always hold close to my heart.  Its the first place Nick and I lived in together in Cincinnati.  The place we thought was SO HUGE after moving home from New York City (more than double the size!) We started our business here, made life plans, fell in love with living in Cincinnati again, and negotiated contracts to buy our first home together.  We are over the moon about our new house and are ready to take that next step in life but it's sad at the same time.  The end of our carefree "renting" days.  The end of us being able to just pack up and go at the drop of a hat.  The end of us not having to have an ounce of worry over water heaters, hvac systems, and home maintenance.  This place has been good to us and we'll miss it but like anything, it's time to move on. 

Swoon worthy finds {for the home}

July 18, 2011

Today's swoon worthy finds are heavy on home design.  With our big move less than 3 weeks away, it's hard to think of anything else.  We hit the flea market this past weekend and scored big with an industrial style coffee table, two antique tables, vintage chairs and some fun decor pieces.  It's overwhelming going from a two bedroom apartment to a four bedroom home but i'm pretty sure we'll be able to handle it :) Enjoy the way these lovely spaces were designed.

photos via.

Feather frenzy

July 16, 2011

Coral and Tusk got it right when they created their whimsical, creative, feathered goods.  The mobile, garland, decorative pillows and pins have me majorly swooning.  I'm drawn to feathers lately (have been debating whether or not to get one in my hair like THIS PRETTY LADY) and think design wise they offer so much. They're fun for kids and adults and are just plain pretty. Check out what else Coral and Tusk has to offer- their whole, creatures of the forest vibe is pretty dang adorable.   

Summer walks

Most nights are spent this way- we come home from work, cook dinner, talk about our days, take clyde for a walk.  Summer walks are the best though- often we stop at the park to enjoy the view of our city.  We leisurely walk with no real destination in mind.  Summer (aside from the heat) is a state of mind- we're carefree and light- the epitome of summer and we love it. ♥ 

What I learned today

July 15, 2011

Things I learned today while out and about with my amazing little niece: 

1. Be prepared to eat. Snacks, treats, desserts, plus a meal. Wow, I need to loosen by belt :)
2. When you are the only one at the park who is not a mother be prepared to stand by yourself and talk to no one. (betcha didnt know i'd have a lot to say regarding kiddos. boo to you)
3.  Leave the schedule at the door. Things change when you're with a small child. Lets stay longer, lets not go there, lets browse just a wee more. And thats perfectly fine. Lets go where the wind takes us...
4. Nothing makes me happier than being at a child filled park on a summer day.
5. I'm beyond ready for mother hood (but you already knew that)

Happy Weekend!

Colors to love

July 14, 2011

Okay. These Malene Landgreen paintings are just magnificent. What I love so much, besides the brilliant use of color and shape, is that they could be hung in any room of the house. Kids space, adult space or shared space. I dare you to search Malene Landgreen on Pinterest and not loose your mind to the sheer beauty.  I wonder when we'll be getting one of these for the new house? :)

We had a {CITY FLEA} weekend.

July 13, 2011

So here it is. The City Flea in action.  Looking at photos is still so surreal. I can not believe that Nick  and I did this. That this is OURS. Cincinnati sure has made it easy- this community is tight knit, open, supportive yet critical (in all the right ways.) So lucky that this is home and that we've been able to turn "hey, lets start a flea market"  into  "hey, we started a flea market." 

ps. below is how that mean muggin shot turned out :)


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