We had a {CITY FLEA} weekend.

July 13, 2011

So here it is. The City Flea in action.  Looking at photos is still so surreal. I can not believe that Nick  and I did this. That this is OURS. Cincinnati sure has made it easy- this community is tight knit, open, supportive yet critical (in all the right ways.) So lucky that this is home and that we've been able to turn "hey, lets start a flea market"  into  "hey, we started a flea market." 

ps. below is how that mean muggin shot turned out :)


  1. Love it!! Thank you for bring such a great idea to the city, I am mad that I missed it. I will be sure to go to the next one and the one after that and the....
    PS What a perfect shirt for your "muggin" shot, love that too.

  2. Thank you! Its awesome that so many people in the city are supporting us and it :)


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