We had a weekend + wedding photos!

July 25, 2011

Nothing major happened around these parts this weekend.  We took puppy boy to the river for a swim, drank iced coffees, packed most of our apartment up and took a tour of an old canning factory which happens to be the same factory we had our wedding photographs taken. Our good friend is the project manager for this particular project which is turning the factory into residential lofts. They're going to be really cool.

It was so weird AND fun to be back in that magical space.  This is the place where Nick and I        saw each other for the fist time on our wedding day- a memory I will cherish forever.  Thought it might be fun to share a few photos of us in the factory from our day:
♥  wedding photo credits: Loft3pd (excuse the not so great quality on some images-couldn't find the high res files :)


  1. Your wedding photos are unreal! Beautiful and worthy of an exhibition :)

    - mel

  2. love your pictures...what a neat place to have those memories!

  3. thanks, ladies! we were super happy with how they turned out. our photographers are amazing and we loved romping around the old factory in our wedding garb :)

  4. Beautiful photos, Lindsay! You looked gorgeous! Question...is your dress Melissa Sweet by any chance??

  5. Rachel-Thank you and yes it is!! Well, actually it's a knock off of the Melissa Sweet dress but who would know! I saw them both and they were seriously identical :)


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