What I learned today

July 15, 2011

Things I learned today while out and about with my amazing little niece: 

1. Be prepared to eat. Snacks, treats, desserts, plus a meal. Wow, I need to loosen by belt :)
2. When you are the only one at the park who is not a mother be prepared to stand by yourself and talk to no one. (betcha didnt know i'd have a lot to say regarding kiddos. boo to you)
3.  Leave the schedule at the door. Things change when you're with a small child. Lets stay longer, lets not go there, lets browse just a wee more. And thats perfectly fine. Lets go where the wind takes us...
4. Nothing makes me happier than being at a child filled park on a summer day.
5. I'm beyond ready for mother hood (but you already knew that)

Happy Weekend!


  1. regarding the #2 thing you learned: I'm a part time nanny, and whenever I take the kids to the park the moms only talk to me until they discover that I'm the nanny! Then I'm all alone! PSH. WHATEVER!


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