Self Portrait

August 23, 2011

I was invited to submit a self portrait  by an amazing local photography group called Lemonade and Lenses. I thought and thought about how I would like to be portrayed- what inspires me and how can I capture that in my portrait.  I decided I wanted a photo that captured me in my most comfortable, relaxed place- our bedroom.  This is not the photo I submitted, (i was actually not super happy with any so I didn't submit- so lame, I know- sorry friends at LaL :) but the point is that this outtake ended up being a photo I really like.  It's fun, comfortable and happy.  Although it is not photography blog worthy, Im happy to post it here.  You're never too old for jumpin' on the bed, right? 


  1. ok lindsay...i am just seeing this...and what do you mean it's not blog worthy! it's fabulous! and furthermore, if you don't submit it, i may cry! i'm posting this same thing on your blog post too...that way you see it twice! so, i expect an email with an attachment in the morning;)


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