Wants Vs. Contentment

August 15, 2011

It's a funny thing- wants vs contentment.  I've got everything anyone could ever need and I continue to be thankful and blessed in my life.  Sometimes my wants are tangible things, sometimes they're more personal, either way the problem is that I want.  I go through waves of feeling completely fulfilled and then something inside me rebels and I want more. Recently I talked about my struggle to find contentment HERE and for whatever reason, I find myself back in that same mentality.

To be able to take a spur of the moment trip to Europe, to trade in our 10 year old car for a new luxury one, to own a pair of Christian Louboutin heels, to have a beautiful walk in closet that changes with each season-  it all sounds so silly but constantly seeing these types of extravagant things in our media and around me for the past 5 years has a way of getting inside my mind.

 I know how shallow this all sounds. I take full responsibility for the way that this is all sounding but don't you ever wish it too?  Like I said, I'm so thankful for what my life is- truly. But being held back from doing certain things only because of money is a frustrating thing.  Taking a vacation to Europe for us is months of preparing and saving so we can continue to have a little bit of security in our bank account.  I look at some  celebrities our media is constantly praising and cringe at how easy it is for them to, for lack of a better phrase, do whatever they want.  Not saying some of them aren't talented and it isn't well deserved but for most of us hardworking, driven, ambitious people, it just seems unfair.  I sound like a baby, I know but it's how I'm feeling at this particular moment. If only I could win the lottery or better yet be completely broke and happy and never feel like there is a void somewhere. Yes, that would be perfect. 


  1. I feel the same way--so much so it was to the point where I was battling between myself, if that even makes sense without sound schizo:). I hate wanting things, but it does grab onto you & it won't escape. I have started a pathetic little system called the 3 week rule--no matter how big or small, I am not buying myself ANYTHING unless I need it, & if I want it, I can only buy 1 thing every 3 weeks. I know it's super sad to have to come up with such a thing, but it's all about finding discipline & teaching yourself how to live on only needs. The goal is to stretch that 3 weeks to a month/month 1/2 & such. All about baby steps, & we'll get there & live like we should & "need" to, eventually! I love your honesty about it all!

  2. The three week plan makes total sense and I love that you have the self discipline to implement it. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. I hate that so many of us struggle with the same issues but love that we can share and not feel like we're the only ones....

  3. I am feeling the exact same way today and had thensame conversation with my fiancé tonight at dinner. He said "money can't make you happy." I said "I know but it makes things so much easier." Twin brains today Lindsay!


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