Me and my explorer

September 13, 2011

My explorer man. What can I say- It's one of the things I love very most about Nick.  His constant need to explore and discover. Whether we're some place we've been to 80 times or somewhere thousands of miles from home- to nick there is always something new to uncover.  We're travelers at heart and although we could not be happier with our choice to settle into a home and city, our desire to travel comes in strong waves of wanting, yearning and needing.  Right now, we are needing.  Our two year wedding anniversary and Nicks 28th birthday both fall in the middle of October which is when we plan to make the most of this "exploring the world" itch we've got going on. Our destination is yet to be determined but the thought of choosing a new city or country to explore excites our souls like you wouldn't believe. 


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