Today is good {teacher talk}

September 27, 2011

Today is a good day.  School has been back in session for 3 weeks and i'm starting to really get attached to my little ones.  I've got some real cuties this year who are all excited about school and eager to learn whatever it is I present to them.  I really do love that my schedule allows for me some classroom time a couple days a week.  I should also point out that the whole teaching two days a week thing is made possible because the school I teach at is an amazing program for home schooled families.  The kids don't come five days a week all day long like in traditional schooling.  These kids are coming just a couple days a week for learning and socializing. It truly is a unique, warm, and nurturing environment and I feel so lucky to be a part of it.  It has really opened my eyes and perspective up to the perks and advantages of homeschooling.   If you're interested in learning more about homeschooling I would suggest reading these lovely blog posts: one from my friend Jess who homeschools all four of her kids and another is from James at the bluebird blog who just started homeschooling her kids this year. Kind of cool to hear perspectives and insight from two awesome momma's who are living proof of how unique and fulfilling a homeschooling experience can be.  

Also, I just figured out a new way to wear my favorite scarf- head wrap! Today is good, indeed.


  1. thanks for the blog love, doll. and I totally dig that head wrap!! can't wait to hear more about your class over coffee soon.

  2. where does one get such a grand head wrap? not sure my hair has enough volume to do anything quite as fun, but love this!


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