November 16, 2011

Yesterday I came to the realization that it's time to prioritize and let go of the things in my life that are causing me stress.  The tiniest work related issue came up (literally, tiny) and it brought me to tears. This is not normal and it made me realize that I'm just not taking enough time to relax and enjoy my life. Between working full time, this blog, our business and the freelance job's I've got going on, it's all just too much at times.  I'll be the first to admit that part of the problem is the way my brain functions- it's never still. Saying i'm going to just relax and cut out the things that I don't need sounds wonderful in theory but then how will I ever achieve all the things I want to achieve?  I so often wish I was the type of person completely content with working a 9-5 job, coming home each day to relax and just watch tv. It all sounds so easy and simple but I know thats just not me.  I have an entrepreneurial type mind (ps. i have to google how to spell entrepreneur every. single. time.) and i'm just not satisfied if i'm not creating something.  I've said it before- it really is my blessing and curse.  After talking to my husband about it, he suggested we just relax and take some time to not pursue all the things we want to RIGHT NOW. Easier said than done, huh? He's right though.  I really need to make a physical list of my responsibilities, commitments, and wants which I know will help me see things clearly and prioritize. A weekend away wouldn't hurt either :)
It's days like these where I want nothing more than an old farmhouse in the middle of no where, where my responsibilities include sweeping, cooking, and picking wildflowers..... 


  1. We are so much alike it's scary, you and I. Everything you said, so true. We can't do it all, even when we have the *BEST* ideas, & total motivation to back it up....we're only given so much time. We need down time and simplicity. We need to nurture relationships with those we love. Oh man, we need to grab that coffee and talk this out. ;)

  2. yeah, reading your blog- it's scary how similar we seem to be :) coffee the week after thanksgiving, maybe? i'm assuming next week is crazed?

  3. ohhhh lindsay...i think i know what you might be talking about as far as yesterday. it will all be fine, you'll see. but, yes, if it brought you to tears it's a big sign you might be doing too much!
    as far as the overall~i'm completely with you as far as being overwhelmed with ideas, irons in the fire, being pulled in many directions (of our own doing no less.) my place is a little bungalow by the sea with wind and sun and sand...and quiet (and my family, of course)
    i can't wait to see the outcome of this weekend, it will be fabulous i have no doubt!
    i see you know jess too. she is wonderful;)

  4. Yes, this weekend will be wonderful! Really excited about it. We're having some major holiday Flea glitches :/ but it will be fine and I know it will get worked out. And your right, it's nobody's doing but our own. This, i'm working on :)


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