December 31, 2012

Having Nick home over this holiday break has been so much fun.  We have been loving every minute of lazily hanging around the house reading books, drinking coffee, making smoothies, cooking meals and just being together.  I asked him this morning if he wanted to quit his job :)  This last weekend of 2012 was honored in true Dewald fashion. We slept in, grabbed lunch at the farmers market, looked for a few last minute items for the baby's room, watched a movie or two, and mostly just took it easy.  The last week or so has been somewhat exhausting for me and this pregnancy.  I'm 33 weeks and a few days now and it's starting to wear me down.  For the most part I still feel really good but being up and about for more than a few hours takes its toll.  The downtime at home, with Nick here has been such a blessing.  We're looking forward to 2013 like you wouldn't believe....


December 27, 2012

Happy two days after Christmas! We truly had a wonderful holiday this year, much more relaxed than any other year and it was just delightful.  Nick and I spent much more time in our own home and still got to see our families.  It was perfect.  We finally got a record player and have been enjoying the heck out of sitting in our family room with books and warm drinks while records spin. 

We also talked a lot about gift giving (and receiving) this year and really want to start cutting back in the years to come. Next Christmas our daughter will be 10 months old and we do not want Christmases for her to be about getting gifts, nor do we want it to be that way for us.  We do not need more "stuff" and while it's always fun to receive gifts, the holiday spirit gets lost when we become so consumed with giving and receiving gifts.  Does anyone else feel this way? Hoping the holidays were wonderful for you too!  


December 20, 2012

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It has been raining all morning long, not too cold, not a drop of snow.  That's okay but there is something about a white Christmas, isn't there?  To wake up to a fresh blanket of white out your windows, snuggled inside with a warm cup of goodness and the ones you love.  

On another note, I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want 2013 to look like for me, and for my family.  Naturally our daily lives and priorities will shift with the arrival of our daughter in February, but more than just being forced to change daily life I want to intentionally change daily life.  I want to give myself fully to my husband and daughter.  In whatever that looks like- support, encouragement, warm meals cooked each night, playtime on the floor.  More than striving to become a wonderful mother, I want to be a wonderful wife.  I want my husband to always know that I love him endlessly and that even when it seems my time is consumed with raising our little girl, he is my number one.  He is the one I chose to build a family with and that no matter how many children we have, how chaotic our house may feel or how little time we may have just the two of us, he will always be a priority to me.    


December 19, 2012

Yesterday I chose two little outfits to bring you home in.  Of course you will only wear one but I think I need to know your tiny personality before we can choose.  I've been crossing lots of things off my list in preparation for you and am excited to show you off to family members who haven't seen how much we've grown in some time over the holidays. You will be the hit of all the parties :)  

Lately your kicks and movements have been so strong I'm sure you are going to burst through one of these times.  I love watching you do somersaults and feeling your little tush pushing for some more space.  I'm trying to give you all the space that you need, little one but it's getting hard.  Keep growing though and I'll figure out a way to give you just what you need.  Last week the doctor said "well there's just body parts EVERYWHERE!" - you really are quite comfortable and spread out in there!  We haven't yet chosen a name for you but your Dad and I keep saying our top choices out loud to see what feels right.  We know only YOU are the one that will be the decision maker.  Once we see your sweet face for the first time we'll know exactly who you are supposed to be.  This is not your first official Christmas but it sure feels like it.  You are such a presence in our lives and we could not be more blessed to be enjoying the season as an almost family of 3.  Next year at Christmastime you will be 10 months! Life will be incredibly different than it is right this moment and we can't wait for it.  We love you, sweet girl.  


December 17, 2012

The past few days I have not felt much like blogging.  The world has been through too much for some silly post about something beautiful I saw on Pinterest, or our trip out to purchase our Christmas tree (finally) or how my weekend was. Like so many people today, and the last few days, my mind has been swirling around the heartbreak in Connecticut. Last night I dreamt the CT scenario was happening in my own classroom and the love and responsibility  I felt towards my little students was enough to wake me up.  I know they are not my own but sometimes they sure feel like it. Watching them grow, conquer fears, make new friends, giggle, cry, play, learn and evolve as little people weekly is a joy and privilege I can not even begin to describe.  Those teachers at Sandy Hook bring tears to my eyes.  The love and courage they showed their kids in the midst of a horrific situation gives me hope that we as people are filled with goodness.  It's so easy to talk about all that is wrong with society but I like to think about all that is right.  A Mr. Rogers quote has been floating around the internet the past few days and it really is a wonderful reminder that through the bad, good still exists.  

"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." To this day, especially in times of "disaster," I remember my mother's words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world."


December 12, 2012

I know, we're STILL missing our christmas tree. We have plans to get it Saturday morning, just in time for a huge party we're throwing Saturday evening.  In preparation for hosting my best friends couples shower, I started thinking about this home of ours and how soon, it will be filled with so many friends all here to celebrate love.  I have never felt so comfortable and content in a home before.  Grant it this is our first house and not apartment but gosh, there really is something special about making a house a home.  I think we've done a pretty good job turning this house into the perfect blend of both Nick and I.    It always feels especially homey during the holidays too. I just love that. 


It won't be too much longer until I'll have my baby girl in my own arms.  I started sharing sweet images of mama's with their babes a few months ago and it has quickly become a favorite past time.  I could sit and stare at motherhood all day long and at the rate this baby is growing, she'll be ready to give me that gift in no time.  
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December 10, 2012

My weekend consisted of The City Flea and Knitting, and one sweet little coffee date with a cute baby (and her mama.) We had yet another wonderful turnout for our Holiday Market and were kind of on a high all evening long being surrounded by so many creative folks, the city's lights and fun holiday cheer.  Thank you times a million to everyone who continues to show us that "starting a flea market" was a good idea.  (We love our city!) This was the last market for 2012 and we're excited for the 4 month break as we prepare for our baby girl and make plans for the 2013 season.  

Sunday morning my girlfriends and I headed to a knitting workshop for the afternoon.  It was super fun and super hard.  My good friend Christy got her yarn all twisted up, we belly laughed at all of our frustrations, then smiled at our progress.  A few hours after I got home I picked my needles up to pick back up and TOTALLY forgot what I was doing.  I had to start over and now, well now I'm just back to youtube video tutorials.  Is it this hard for everyone to learn?  Oy Vey.... It really was a great weekend and aside the fact that we STILL do not have a christmas tree, things around these parts are pretty dang good. 


December 7, 2012

I really just can't believe we're in week 30 already.  I just keep thinking, Oh my god, she could be here anytime now (fingers crossed she stays put for another 9 or 10 weeks) but really, I know so many women who went into labor around 32 weeks. That thought doesn't make me need to breathe into a brown paper bag or anything.  We still don't have her room completely finished, we don't have a stroller or a single cloth diaper or a single thing she can wear her first few weeks of life. Where is my paper bag!? We also don't have a christmas tree yet. Please send help our way......


Hey all! This Saturday is our last market for the 2012 season and we could not be more excited about this one.  A Flea with a super holiday twist- what's not to be excited about!? Our usual amazing vendors plus holiday music, hot cocoa, mulled wines, and an appearance from the big man himself.  If you live in the Cincinnati area I'd love to see you! For more info, hop over to our event page


December 5, 2012

With this baby on the way, I've been spending a lot more time on The Land of Nod website browsing for nursery, toy and unique decor ideas. While Nick and I both, for the most part shop at local stores and try to support the small businesses in our area (I'm planning on doing a local holiday shopping guide next week! Yay, Cincinnati!) it's sometimes fun to browse national stores too. It really has been so fun searching The Land of Nod site with an actual purpose! I chose a few holiday items (that happen to be on sale!) as some favorites.

this is not a sponsored post but I do participate in The Land of Nod affiliate program, so if you feel inclined to make a purchase from a link from this post- thank you.  (I do really love all these items!)


I'm super excited to share with all of you that I'm the newest contributor over on the Classic-Play blog! I've been a huge fan of Jen and her blog for a long while now and am so excited to be sharing in a space that focuses on family, education, parenting, and so much other goodness.  I'll be posting every couple weeks so stop by to read my column- my first post went live today! I'll be sharing on education, pregnancy and soon my journey as a new mother.  There are so many wonderful contributors and valuable posts over that way so get to reading! 


December 3, 2012

These past few days I've been thinking a ton about our life and these next 10 weeks.  We're just 10 weeks away from meeting our daughter and forever changing our family of two to three.  Somewhere along the way I've forgotten how special and important our family of two is.  We've been so preoccupied with getting the house ready for the baby and now we're in the midst of the holiday's, it seems we've forgotten how to just be with one another not working on some home project, cleaning, cooking meals, or our own personal projects.  I miss the days of little responsibility on the weekends where we woke up, decided what we wanted to do that day and just did it. Usually it involved laying in a park, taking long walks, exploring new neighborhoods or day trips out of town.  I wouldn't trade our life for the world- How blessed we are to own our home and to be growing our family but sometimes, I wish we could go back to those carefree weekends of little responsibility where the only thing in the world that mattered was Nick and I. 

The month of December is crazy busy (as I'm sure it is for most) but we decided we're making time early January for one last adventure out of town, just Nick and I. 

ps. photo taken by our friends Jess and Brett. I just love it.


December 1, 2012

YAY! Today is blog brunch- the first "brunch" I've been able to participate in, in months! If you are interested in hearing from the ladies of blog brunch and other creative bloggers today (starting NOW) hop on to twitter and use hasthag #blogbrunch to follow the conversation.  Today's topic is from blog to business. I'm always so inspired by these online chats. Come join! 


November 30, 2012

Seeing the winter preview from Scotch R'Belle and Scotch Shrunk , the girl and boy lines from parent company Scotch and Soda in my inbox this morning had me super excited to check out their entire winter look book.  I love, love, love this brand and always find that their look books are more like magazine spreads.  Did you guys click those links? Amazing, right!? Bundle up! 
Items pictured:
1. Navy Pea Coat with Mittens
2. Knitted Headband
3. Polka Dot Coat
4. Knitted Hat
5. Snood
6. Mittens
7. Blue Coat
8. Red Puffa Coat
9. Knitted Hat
10. Mittens
11. Striped Scarf


November 28, 2012

/ Nick looking cute as can be in his holiday scarf at the fountain square tree lighting over the weekend
/ pretty flowers from the baby shower my sister in law and two aunts threw me
/ a little bit excited about my ergo baby carrier. had to try it out with a blabla fox :)
/ busy days make for an exhausted husband.  have I mentioned he's always up to something? such a good man.


November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving day Nick and I (and Clyde) set out for a little exploring.  The weather was enough to feel like all was right in the world and this year especially we could not be more thankful for the many, many blessings in our lives.  We try to remember how abundant our life is throughout the year but it is always nice to have a day devoted to being thankful for what you've got.  The fact that we have a warm place to sleep at night, food on our table, family filled with love, friends we can count on, and a baby growing in my belly, is more than we'd ever need.  We talked a lot about shopping this year too. We decided that we won't ever be participating in Black Friday shopping.  For us, it seems wrong to dedicate a wonderful day to the things we're thankful for, then the next knock people over to buy more.  We're fulfilled and don't need more things to fill this house.  I totally understand wanting to save money for holiday shopping but we believe more in putting small bits of money back into the local economy over the course of the year than a spending spree at major stores the day after thanksgiving.  What are your thoughts on this?

Also thankful this year for:
-These baby movements that have shifted from kicks to entire baby body rolls.  I like to think she's doing somersaults in there, just for fun.  
-Candles burning throughout our house
-Warm apple pie
-Warm tea and Coffee on chilly mornings
-Friends and Family who have already shown this baby girl so much love by showering us with the loveliest little things.
-Our health

How about you?


November 21, 2012

Okay. I just had to share this handmade advent calendar from The Spotted Goose. I love every single thing about it and the idea of a fun, interactive advent calendar has always been so appealing to me.  When my brother and I were kids we always had that cardboard christmas tree that told the christmas story one that had a chocolate behind each new day - know which one I mean? It was nothing special but oh my gosh did we love it! I can remember wanting to see what was behind each day so badly every day.  I love the idea of creating a fun, beautiful calendar when our daughter becomes old enough to understand.  This one is the perfect inspiration! What do you do for an advent calendar?

PS. Just signed on as an affiliate with some of my favorite companies.  I figured this was a good way to support some of the brands I love while also being able to remain 100% true to my own voice on this blog.  They are not typical advertisers that I have to please on a daily basis.  If you, as a reader see something that strikes your fancy through one of my affiliates, please click over to their sites. I receive a small percentage from purchases made from traffic through my site, so happy shopping! You may hear me, from time to time, talk about super awesome deals or check out codes but again, these are all super rad companies that i'm happy to support. Thanks to you guys for making stuff like this even possible :)


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