January 24, 2012

This past week, after reading so many inspiring Alt design summit blog posts from some of my favorite bloggers, {for those that don't know about Alt summit- it's an annual conference for bloggers- anyone from fashion to design to mama to lifestyle bloggers. I've been dying to go the last couple years. This past one in Salt Lake City JUST ended}  it seems that every single person that goes, leaves feeling completely inspired and full of creative ideas. It has been fun to follow people who were there on instagram and read their blogs about talks they've been hearing, dinners and parties they've attended and blog friends they were finally able to meet in person- Ah! I want to be a part of that! I love having this blog as a creative outlet and only hope that it's able to continue to grow. My passion for sharing inspiration and my own thoughts are something I wholeheartedly enjoy. Coming home to this blog each and every day is one of my most favorite things. I don't aspire to be a full time blogger or have expectations of ever reaching that level.  I just want this space to grow in a way that feels both fulfilling to me and my readers. 

With that said, any blog designers out there who may be interested in working with me? The blogger templates have been good to me, but I'm ready to move on!  If interested, email me at lindsay@littleonelove.com

Happy Blogging {and reading}!


  1. hello! your blog is absolutely lovely! it would be so amazing to go somewhere like the summit and come back inspired and refreshed. but that is what's so nice about running into blog's like yours--being inspired by other people and their passions:)

  2. I appreciate that so much! Your blog is great too!


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