January 10, 2012

This past weekend at church our pastor mentioned a study he'd read that said, people who's household income is right around $75,000 dollars are the happiest people in our country. Having much more will not make you any happier. I thought that was so interesting  Nick and I had a long conversation about how that actually seems very true.  Sure, we always wish we had a stash of cash to be able to travel wherever we'd like without having to really plan for it, but that's not a reality for us and we're totally okay with that.  We have more than what we need and will catch ourselves often times saying out loud to one another how lucky we are to have this life.

So here I am, driving in my nice car, on the way to the coffee shop with my husband to meet some friends. Seriously, how blessed are most of us that we can enjoy what seems like the simplest of things that most of the world could only dream about? 


  1. That's such an interesting thought! Going to muse about it before I got to sleep...

  2. Yes, so interesting. I sat with it for a while. I love that the more I thought on it, the more true it seemed. Have a great day!

  3. When I heard that during service it hit me and made me think of the saying "more money more problems." Just be thankful for what you have and God takes care of the rest! I love Crossroads. You volunteering soon? Tre' has been asking for you.


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