In my dreams, I'm here...

January 18, 2012

I've been going through this phase lately, thinking about escaping / traveling / feeling free.  I have an overwhelming desire to take off with my husband and pup in a VW van with no real destination in mind and see where the journey takes us.  To snuggle under the stars and cook modest meals over fire.  To spend our days hiking and exploring and thinking of nothing else but each other, and the beauty that surrounds us.  To live simply and beautifully nestled somewhere in the forest or mountains for a while and just BE. Doesn't it just sound magical? siiiigh...


  1. A spontaneous getaway really does sound amazing right now! Great photos, especially that second one. xo

  2. Sounds SO magical! I'm loving your blog! Xo

  3. Yes, please! Makes me think of Moonrise Kingdom


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