January 22, 2012

My goal lately has been to see how long I can stay in my pajama's on weekend mornings. This past weekend I  succeeded in staying in them both Saturday and Sunday until late afternoon.  Waking up early to take the pup out then climbing back into bed is the best weekend treat. We all get up for the day then around 10, make some coffee and piddle around the house. We took a long walk through the mist and fog and really enjoyed a weekend of nothing much exciting.  We hung out with our favorite little people saturday night and had a family dinner on sunday. I'll chalk this one up as another dang good weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! 


  1. this looks blissful! and your deck is awesome!!

  2. awe, thanks! we do love our porch so much :)

  3. love your pics, the porch and your tights!!!! where did you find those at? cutest ones I've seen!

  4. Ok, your porch is amazing! What a wonderful way to greet the day!


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