February 27, 2012

Hello! Our weekend was crazy busy. How was yours? I wasn't able to snap that many photos, which is nice sometimes, ya know? To not worry about camera settings when your with friends and just enjoy. Breath of fresh air every now and again.  Anyways, we had dinner with friends Friday. A baby shower for our good friend Emily Saturday, a surprise birthday party for Tara > ( check out Tara's amazing work!) Saturday night, and brunch at my moms Sunday.  Whew! It was all very lovely. Have a wonderful Monday, friends!
1. Those dang good samoa girl scout cookies.
2. home
3. sleepy pup
4. new boots


  1. I'm kinda obsessed with girl scout cookies.. anytime I see those girl scouts out and about, I can't resist buying thin mints! xo



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