March 14, 2012

A month or so ago I said I would post every now again about my little preschool class and some thoughts on Montessori education.  Today is one of those days, I guess! We're towards the end of the school year and being with these kids a couple days a week for the past 8 months has been nothing but pure fun.  I'm an emotional teacher and get so invested and attached to these little lives which makes every end of school year hard for me.  I do love a bit of a break from the classroom but knowing our time together is coming to an end is what tugs at the heart strings a bit.  This age (2-6) is so precious and vulnerable.  So much is learned and explored and being able to witness life through their eyes is what I love most about this job.  Recently we've been learning about Africa, volcano's and building teepee's outside with sticks. Preschool is awesome.


  1. I remember my montessori days... I would get SO ATTACHED that when my little one went on to 1st grade I was an emotional mess, "miss mel...I'm just going to 1st grade, not 2nd!"
    bless their freakin cute lil hearts


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