March 13, 2012

Nick is home! Yay! The past couple days have been spent spending time together and talking about what happened the last week on both our ends.  Nick had an amazing time traveling and is on this super awesome high of creativity and inspiration. So fun to watch! Sunday I took a mini road trip up to Columbus and scored that amazing vintage blanket you see up there from Tiger Tree. We're trying to enjoy as much outdoor time as we can around here. The weather has been unreal and it has everyone is wonderful spirits. My brother flew in last night from LA and is sticking around for the next 10 days so we're excited we'll get to spend some real time and catch up on life. Crazy how easy it is to slip up on things like that with the ones we love most.  Hope everyone had an amazing weekend as is able to enjoy this weather! 


Thank you for coming by and taking the time to comment. Have a wonderful day!


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