March 4, 2012

This weekend was filled with lots of friend time, a killer dance party at the CAC and an overwhelming / emotional morning at church on Sunday.  Nick and I both really connected with the message which had us both in tears and our thoughts lingered on it the entire day- {so cryptic, i know, but i'm not ready to reveal anything more- hopefully soon.} 

In other news, Nick is packing as we speak to leave for the week on The StartupBus. I'm so excited for him but thinking about the entire week without him has me a tad down in the dumps.  Nick isn't one of those guys that travels much for business so being a part for a week is a long time for us. I'm a wimp but dang, I'm gonna miss him! Hope everyone has a great start to the week! 


Thank you for coming by and taking the time to comment. Have a wonderful day!


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