March 28, 2012

Something happens with my mind and body every two years or so where I begin to feel discontent and the need for a new adventure- whether it be work, travel, relocation etc. Always something big, life altering and exciting.  Is anyone else this way? For the past 10 years my life has been victim to this cycle:

18- Start college in Cincinnati
20-Transfer schools and move to Chicago
22- graduate and move to Los Angeles
24- Move to New York City with Nick
26- Move back home to Cincinnati, buy a home and start a business
27.5- here we currently reside....ready for something new......

Having just returned from DC over the weekend got me thinking about where our next adventure will take us. We LOVE Cincinnati and our house and our friends and it's not about wanting to relocate cities (again) but more about the need to travel often, work from the road, and live the creative life to full capacity.  Can anyone relate to this or am I just a total basket case? 


  1. I know how you feel! The mister and I are always looking for a new adventure. We are actually saving up right now to buy an RV to take a few years out on the road :)

  2. you are so not a basket case my dear. you are a creative soul that relishes in new adventures and new surroundings. aren't we all? and, how wonderful that you have been able to do the things (big and small) that you've been able feed your soul. so, it is only natural that it's hungry once again. may i so boldly suggest feeding it this time...with a tiny little big bundle of baby love!!!! i so promise that will fulfill you in ways you have no idea;) xoxo
    ~just a sayin;)

  3. I can totally relate...that's why I got a job in the consulting field. I work out of town every week M-Thur and have the option of staying over on the weekends, etc. I now have the adventure bug fulfilled... Nonetheless, I miss my apartment and friends/family..grass is always greener on the other side I suppose...

  4. Making complete sense. I am headed to a city after school that isn't very design centric and I worry about getting stuck. It's exciting to keep life on its toes and try new places. I think I'll be relocating least for the next ten years!

  5. Love it! Mine is more three years; Lived In new York for 3 years, worked as a consultant for 3 yrs, had 3 babies in 3 and 1/2 years. My youngest is now 3 so I'm definately feeling the "watch pot" syndrome. (it's never going to boil). But I feel these times of uncertainty can prove the most creative. hang in there!

  6. Hey ladies! Thanks for the encouraging comments. Something is wonky with my comment reply button- working the kink out so I can reply to each of you individually :)

  7. I go through the same thing - maybe a bit more often even. (Ultimate basket case?) For a while I didn't really understand what was happening, I would get very unhappy all of the sudden and suddenly hate everything in my life craving change. I realized its a cycle and it's bound to happy - so I embrace and crave / search for change and creative adventures constantly.

    Loved finding your blog and really relating to this post. Great chatting today @ blog brunch.

    xx Shaunna @

  8. Thanks for your comment, Shaunna! It's always nice hearing from people who share similar thoughts. Glad we were able to connect through blog brunch too!


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