April 3, 2012

I've got big plans this spring and summer to use my bicycle as often as I possibly can.  We live in the perfect neighborhood for biking- we're literally 1 mile from the center of the city and surrounding us are cute hoods with lots of good eats, things to do, etc. The only problem is, I want a bike like this. The other problem is that our city is super hilly so anything without gears to shift is out of the question.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to turn my Giant (the brand, not the size) mountain bike into a girly ride? Suggestions via Instagram so far have been, a bell and basket (yes i will be doing that), tassels (probably not but good idea) and painting it pink (probably not but i for sure want to paint it- it's a silvery/blue right now).   I also want to get new tires so they're better for the road- more so than the mountain. Who else bikes regularly? Do you wear flowy dresses? I really want to bike with a flowy dress on....duh.


  1. i've stripped bicycles before to leave the frame exposed (more manly then girly really). and pete just painted his scooter black and would probably let nick borrow the sprayer. let me know if you need help taking all the components off.

  2. Thanks, Will! I'm still figuring out what I want the end result to be. I'll probably end up spraying it white, road tires, and a basket :)

  3. if you don't mind spending a bit, investing in a leather saddle (like brooks) and changing your grips to match would do wonders.


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