April 23, 2012

Happy Monday, friends! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! My girlfriends and I headed south to Nashville for a close friends bachelorette party. I'm as exhausted as that sounds- in a totally, that was so much flipping fun, but now I need a vacation from our mini vacation kind of way :)  Have you guys ever been to Nashville? It's absolutely insane how many bars have live music! After two days away from my sweetie it was a nice surprise to come home to an extremely clean house with fresh flowers in every room (and a new succulent since i've been gushing about them for weeks), AND some nice redecorating touches.  My man is so good. 


  1. I've only been once and I am pretty sure I was young, because I have no real recollection of it. But I'd like to try again, plus Levi and I are all about scouting out drivable weekend trips. Good tip!

    & I am pretty sure Nick and Levi must have read the same memo about being super hubbies while us ladies were away...I was in Cleveland and when I returned he had a few home improvement projects finished that I was not expecting. Not quite as awesome as coming home to fresh flowers and a succulent, buuuuut still sweet. =)

    Let's get us all together before summer craziness kicks in!


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