May 1, 2012

Isn't it obvious? I'm in love with wearing a scarf on my head, like a bow, like a headband, like rambo, anyway I can come up with! Thought it would be fun to share my four favorite ways:

1. Bow style: This scarf is a long rectangle silk scarf that requires no folding whatsoever because of its shape- I literally just loop it under my head and tie on the top. (adjust bow as you like- I usually like when it's off to the side a bit)

2. Bow style again but with a square shape scarf: This one requires that you fold it over like a triangle first, then fold multiple times to make a long rectangular headband with it. Same as before I loop it under my head and tie at top.

3. Like Rambo (a new fave way of mine): Since I used the same scarf as in #2, I folded it the same way then put over my forehead and tied a knot in the back.

4. Headband style: For this look I used an actual full length scarf (like one I would wear in the winter.) I placed the scarf on top of my head like I would a headband, and simply tied it in a knot in the back bottom of my head- I let the remaining fabric just hang down- it hit right at my butt. 

How do you guys do your headscarves? I'd love to try some new ways! 


  1. Now how does one get to be as darling as you?
    Do you have a tutorial for that? ;)

  2. so sweet of you to say, Brenda! i could say the same about you!

  3. Absolutely love this look on you! Perfection.


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