May 16, 2012

A lot of bloggers these past few weeks have been participating in the "Things i'm afraid to tell you" posts which is a post idea based around the thought that lately the online world has turned into a place for comparison and for not feeling like enough, as opposed to a place to share and feel inspired. A lot of "their life is perfect" talk (even though we know that is not true for a single person.) So, some courageous bloggers stopped posting their normal types of posts for a day and let their readers know that they're not perfect by posting some pretty deep, heartfelt and brave things. A favorite so far has come from Erin at Design For Mankind. Good stuff.
It's true that mostly on Little One Love you will see and read happy times, happy photos and for the (al)most part- styled to a degree photos.  Is that real life? Yes and no.  Yes, all the posts here are things that are going on in my life, things that have REALLY happened, etc, but NO because of course there are things too personal to share in this space. So while you're getting to see a chunk of our life, you're not seeing all of it.  I am NOT at all trying to have things appear to be perfect, but why make this a space for negativity?  

Things that are between friends or family or my husband and I that do not need to be put on display stay that way. Speaking on a similar topic, I just posted this a few weeks ago and a comment from a friend really struck a chord with me and I think it's something we all can apply to our lives whether you blog, instagram, pin, tweet, facebook, or none of those things- It applies to all of us fighting for  the moments in life where you feel actually present- those moments that are so blissful in their simplicity that you are not thinking about what's going to happen in the next hour, day, week or year.  Jess said- "Personally, I found the time I was investing looking around at others for inspiration was actually bringing me down, making me a bit depressed, and really causing me to feel more lost.  People are different. So many of their strengths I admire will never be me.  Conclusion: to each his own, but I find I need more time OFF line/media to live a full life and feel truly inspired."
It really, really got me thinking.  Saying you're online for inspiration is a load of crap if at the end of the day you feel like less because you can't live up to the images you see on pinterest or other blogs. I need to work on just being the best me and not worry about how others will perceive that.  I need to be more present in everyday life - in my relationships and with myself.  


  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I have been working on a post similar to this for a couple weeks now. For some reason, I can't find the words to really pinpoint what I want to say. This is good for me to read.


  2. Thank you for the comment, Living on Love! I'm glad you were able to relate to what i'm saying. I look forward to reading your post too!

  3. I love the honesty of bloggers like you. Something I struggle with daily is weather to continue my blog for these exact reasons. I know that everyone's in the same boat and everyone has their own private struggles but online is "perfect life world" and it does have a way of bringing you down and making you less present in real life.


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