June 27, 2012

These two cuties / our best friends are getting married this weekend and we can hardly wait! We're off to the Hudson Valley to celebrate. The beauty that this wedding will be is going to be insane- all i'm going to say is, an old barn in the middle of the valley (ack, can't wait to see it all!) Nick and Jason were college roommates and their friendship (and ours) has been going strong ever since.  We all moved to New York together and since moving to Cincinnati we truly miss seeing these two on a weekly basis.  Jason was the best man at our wedding, his speech by the way, still makes me teary when I think about it.  I have a feeling this weekend is going to be quiet memorable. 
These photos were taken a couple new years' ago when we all stayed in  a cabin together. It's always a blast with those two. We hit the road bright and early tomorrow and won't be back until the very end of next week- after the wedding we're heading in to Brooklyn for a few days, then to DC to visit my brother. I'll try to get a couple posts up while i'm away, but I can't make any promises! I'll just be busy reliving my old life! Enjoy the weekend!


June 26, 2012

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This morning I picked up a banana, orange, mango smoothie and a muffin to go.  For whatever reason, It made me so happy which then got me thinking about all the small, insignificant things in life that are in fact significant in making each day special and happy.  Here are a few more little things I've enjoyed over the past few days:
-evening bubble baths
-spontaneous chocolate shake runs
-watching Clyde jump in a pool of water and swim with all his might. Pure joy
-random outbursts of song and dance
-takeout thai food
-messy buns after a long day

What are some of your little things?


June 25, 2012

Kristin's instagram feed caught my eye immediatley with her two beautiful daughters and their homeschooling, art, photography, whimsical adventures. I mean, I swoon over every single photo- not kidding.  Every little nook in their home is gorgeous- even the accidental messes appear magical.  This is one feed you do not want to miss out on. Follow @kristinrogers !


Nick and I have been talking a ton about the future lately.  Where we want to travel, how we want to raise our kids, the types of adventures we want to take them on, how long we'll live in our house- all those big things that are so fun to talk about when you have the right person to talk about them with.  Mostly what I love about this man is that he never tells me my sometimes whimsical dreams are silly. Never.  I'm a huge dreamer, always have been and to know that Nick shares most of my dreams is a blessing I can't even begin to describe.  He's my favorite.   


June 22, 2012

New little obsession happening over on the Babiekins blog today- Mini / Missie Munster- Go See!
ps. the black and white, hand drawn, geometric print romper- good gravy. I need that for me!


YAY, Friday! Hope everyone had a productive, happy, stress free week. What are your plans for the weekend?  We aiming to relax a bit, get some home projects started and completed (the list is long,) grab a few yummy meals, see some friends, go to church, catch a movie.  And, you?  Also this past week I came across some good stuff on the ol interwebs. Here were some of my favorites:

Issue 9 of Babiekins Magazine // so so pretty and plain fun to read and look at


June 21, 2012

Next week Nick and I are taking a vacation and heading back to New York for our best friend's wedding.  We haven't been to New York together since we lived there almost two years ago now.  That may not seem like a long time but boy oh boy do we miss it.  It's amazing to think back on all the adventures Nick and I have had so far in our life together.  When we first started dating (almost 8 years ago) we lived in Chicago, then after I graduated from college we moved to Los Angeles so I could pursue a career in publicity. After a year there (my pr ambitions didn't last long) we decided we'd try our hand in Brooklyn.  All three cities were amazing for their own special reasons but we both agree that Brooklyn holds a special piece of our hearts. Our first apartment together was on Lafayette Street in Fort Greene- the same apartment we got engaged in one winter night.  Our second home together was just around the corner on Oxford street and we thought we hit the jackpot with this place. 500 sq. feet of perfection just 1 block away from Fort Greene park. Clyde came into our lives in this place and we became the little family of three that we now are. We grew so much as people and as a pair. Life was good in Brooklyn. We're giddy thinking about our visit next week back to our old neighborhood.  If we never leave the neighborhood our entire visit, we'll be blissfully happy.  Eating at our favorite spots, lounging in the park, grabbing coffee and taking walks down those Brooklyn streets. Yep, sounds just perfect.  I'm so lucky that I get to do it all with this man of mine.   


June 20, 2012

Nick and I have always been "healthy" eaters.  We don't do fast food, processed or frozen. Honestly, we've seen too many food documentaries.  Until recently though we've been actually eating healthy.  A fridge filled with food- raw food. Ya know, like the way food should be eaten- not a ton of ingredients, no chemicals, and local when possible.  It's been really fun learning about vegetables we didn't eat in the past and making them into something delicious each night.  It's been this fun little project- What fun thing are we going to eat tonight? Kale? Great! What do we do with it? Then, with a little help from the internet we've got something insanely delicious and, best part,  nutrient packed.  Minus the san pellegrino (a little guilty pleasure of mine) it really has been fun exploring new foods together.  So far this week we've done kale, brussel sprouts, sweet potato, salmon, a ton of raw veggies and a little bit of pasta.  My cousin suggested guacamole, lightly salted, heavily limed, mixed with raw chopped kale- YUM!  We are dying to try it! What are some of your favorite ways to prepare raw foods? We'd love suggestions!  


June 19, 2012

Last week I shared @rodrigo_ 's instagram goodness and this week I'm totally in love with @andreamful (follow immediately.) Her feed captures her adventures with her insanely adorable son and husband and she's genius at capturing objects.  The white space and pop of color draws you in- so clean and pretty. You definitely think twice about the next time you snap an insta after seeing this feed. I always leave her feed wanting to capture something the way she does.  She's just good, you guys.    @andreamful on instagram! 


June 18, 2012

This past Father's Day sure was a sweet one.  Nick and I both are so incredibly lucky to have the fathers we do.  We grew up feeling so loved, supported and encouraged.  We still do.  Our dads have been such good role models of what it means to be a father.  Still to this day I feel like my Daddy's little girl (in a totally good way.)  He respects me as a grown woman but I also know that I can lean on him for comfort and support just like I did as a little girl.

I have no doubt in my mind that Nick will be an amazing father one day because of the example he's witnessed his entire life in his own Dad.  We sure are blessed. Love you, Dad.


One of my favorite vendors at the City Flea is Larken Design- aside from amazing jewelry and other little goodies, they print and sell old mugshots (we actually have four of them hanging in our dining room.)  At the flea they take everyone who stops by their booth's mug shot for  a chance to win something sweet from their shop.  Here's how Nick and I's turned out from last weekend :) Mean as all get out.  


YAY! Issue 9 is now out and I'm especially excited about this one! It's absolutely stunning- Im swooning hard over the indian summer and old school spreads- I pulled a couple images from both above. I mean? Seriously? Insane! I so love how Wes Anderson the old school spread is. Royal Tenenbaums anyone? Anyways, this was the first issue I was actually a part of and now I'm beyond excited for our first print issue launching in October! Take a look at the issue- seriously gorgeous. 


June 15, 2012

I've been so quiet on the blog this past week- being busy mixed with lots of goodness and being in the moment has just kept me away. It's always a bit nice when this happens but after a few days I start to really miss this community. This past week I was working with my friend April on her brand new kids summer camp program. It has been super fun and the group of little creatives we've been with all week were absolutely wonderful.  We wrote songs, created art, played games, laughed (hard) and really did have a great time.  I was happy to be a part of this new project my friend decided to create.  Anyways, The goodness in our days really is all around. 
-Nick and I have a little dinner and show date planned this evening.
-Summer weather is in full effect.
-Talked to a girlfriend on the phone for a long time about some pretty deep and inspiring stuff.
-Happiness is in my soul today.
-It's Friday and the weekend plans are looking mighty fine.

PS. a couple new posts over on the B Nature blog.  Have you guys been reading?


June 12, 2012

Every now and again I come across an Instagram feed that stops me dead in my tracks.  The subjects, editing style, light, feeling, all of those elements that come together to create the perfect series of photographs.  This feed, by @rodrigo_ is by far one of my favorites.  I'm a sucker for a good coffee shot plus the tone and lighting in these just sweeps me off my feet. If you are on Instagram, I highly suggest you follow @rodrigo_

ps. I have a couple other drool worthy feeds lined up to show here. Who are your favorites?


June 10, 2012

Whew,we're tired out, but looking through some of the photos from our first market of the season yesterday has us feeling pretty dang good. The scene was just perfect and we can not thank our city enough for embracing our idea and the creative community. Cincinnati has it going on.  To view more the entire photo collection from the Flea yesterday, hop on over to our website!  Thanks again to everyone who came out. It was a good day, indeed.


June 8, 2012

Oh man, I'm excited about this weekend. Tomorrow is Flea day! Yay! Our first official market of the season so the past few weeks for Nick and I have been absolutely insane.  No complaints though- doing a job that you're passionate about makes all the work worth it. And I know from past experience, the sense of happiness I feel when I'm standing amidst the crowds at the Flea really makes it all worth it. I saw this quote from Amanda Genther Design's facebook page (which could not have come at a better time) and loved it :"I'm an entrepreneur. Why? I value freedom above all else. I would rather be free on the streets with my creations than bound to an office or 9-5 job making big money, but the well of my dreams has run dry. I chose the riskier path."-Mastin from The Daily Love.
Anyways, here are a few links from this past week that put a smile on my face, made me stop and think, or hit really close to home. Read up! 

Carissa's post on mama hood over at rockstar diaries // teary eyes the whole way through.
The newest issue of 513 Eats // So beautiful and inspiring.
The launch of // super awesome curated road trip service.
Reading my Tea Leaves //new favorite blog. so pretty and inspiring.
Amber's bio video // peed my pants from laughing so hard. 

Have a great weekend! 


June 6, 2012

I'm so excited to share with you some photographs our friends, Jess and Brett from Life in Balance Photography shot about a month ago. I think Jess' intro sums our relationship up best. (Beyond sweet by the way) Truly, the sentiments could not be more mutual. Insert Jess' name anytime you see mine :) Also, I only posted a few from the shoot here so be sure to pop over to the Life in Balance blog to see the full shoot (if interested.) The magic those two are able to create with their camera's continuously blows my mind.

"So, have you ever gotten to know someone online and thought, “We would be great real-life friends”? Well, that’s exactly how Lindsay and I both felt about each other, and eventually (after years of chatting online and such) we finally met. Now, Brett and I just adore Lindsay and her husband Nick. There is just something about these two that makes you want to be around them. They’re good-hearted, very genuine people. They also happen to be two of the most creative and motivated people we’ve ever met, and I so admire the way they just get out there and make their dreams a reality….case in point-The City Flea, < INSERT LIFE IN BALANCE PHOTOGRAPHY> of which they are the founders."



If you've been visiting this little blog of mine for some time now, you know that if there is anything in the world I enjoy, it's the sunshine, my porch, lazy weekends and time at the park.  It's just not summer for me if I'm not spending entire afternoons on the porch or mornings at the dog park.  There's something so comforting and happy in these simple rituals. What are some of your favorite summertime rituals? 


Hey! Here's something fun! This weekend at the Flea we have the super rad Jessie from Parlour coming for free style sessions / makeovers- how fun!? Find a vintage dress, suite, or something casual and Jessie will style you up- Yeehaw! Also, how insane is their branding? I absolutely adore it.  For you local readers, Parlour is a new, super awesome salon in East Walnut Hills. Come say hi on Saturday! For more info on what the heck The City Flea is,  go HERE. 


June 5, 2012

We took advantage of the fact that this is the last weekend before The City Flea season starts and did our best (successfully) to enjoy every minute in the perfect summer weather.  
-coffee and breakfast in pajamas
-church and brunch out
-dog parks and walks
-naps on the front porch
-a stack of books
-gatherings with friends and family

PS. photo above is of my breakfast Saturday morning- The granola comes from Whirlybird which can be found at the Flea or HERE. (THE BEST GRANOLA IN ALL THE LAND- FACT)


June 2, 2012

It's easy to take for granted how amazing my little family of three ( we include Clyde) is. Nick and I live such a full and happy life and often these days, I have to remind myself of just that. As we get closer and closer to growing our family we have to tell ourselves that while when our time comes it WILL be amazing, NOW is amazing too. Soon it won't just be us, coming and going as we please, sleeping in, grabbing last minute drinks with friends, lazy mornings at coffee shops, camping trips in the mountains, etc, will be rare experiences that we now consider part of our everyday lives. It's hard though. While we are both so aware of all the goodness in our lives, waiting for that next chapter to begin can be such a challenge some days. Patience is something I've never been very good at and in this situation, when it's so essential, it's nice to feel so at ease with where life has taken us thus far. All we can do now is enjoy the heck out of it and wait our turn.


June 1, 2012

Birds of a Feather is a mini series of home design images paired with complimentary children's fashion photos. Aesthetic, colors, textures and similar feel are all taken into consideration when creating these little posts. Birds of a Feather....go together. 



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