June 6, 2012

I'm so excited to share with you some photographs our friends, Jess and Brett from Life in Balance Photography shot about a month ago. I think Jess' intro sums our relationship up best. (Beyond sweet by the way) Truly, the sentiments could not be more mutual. Insert Jess' name anytime you see mine :) Also, I only posted a few from the shoot here so be sure to pop over to the Life in Balance blog to see the full shoot (if interested.) The magic those two are able to create with their camera's continuously blows my mind.

"So, have you ever gotten to know someone online and thought, “We would be great real-life friends”? Well, that’s exactly how Lindsay and I both felt about each other, and eventually (after years of chatting online and such) we finally met. Now, Brett and I just adore Lindsay and her husband Nick. There is just something about these two that makes you want to be around them. They’re good-hearted, very genuine people. They also happen to be two of the most creative and motivated people we’ve ever met, and I so admire the way they just get out there and make their dreams a reality….case in point-The City Flea, < INSERT LIFE IN BALANCE PHOTOGRAPHY> of which they are the founders."



  1. beautiful photos and very well captured. heading over to check out the rest ;)

  2. wow. i just adore these photos. you two have captured up a little bit of my heart.

  3. these are such beautiful photos, that last one captures your love so well , i just love it


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