July 24, 2012

For the past 3 days (pretty much around the clock) Nick has been working on our bathroom.  New vanity, toilet, paint, fixtures, the whole deal.  Today I woke up to it pretty much completed and it looks so so good.  I take for granted sometimes how much he does around the house and just how good he is at it.  He's always doing something- working in the yard, reorganizing the basement, laying new floors, redoing the bathroom.  He's so good to me and our home and I don't tell him enough.  In fact last night I woke up to find him still working and what do I do? Complain about something he took from the family room to use as decor in the bathroom.  Ugh! How awful of me. He's working so hard, making everything look wonderful and I find the tiniest thing to complain about.  So this is my acknowledgement to my husband of  just how wonderful he is.  Thank you for always working so hard to make sure I have everything I need and want.  I could not have asked for a better partner.  

ps. can't wait to show off the rest of our new  bathroom soon!


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