July 6, 2012

Since I was away I didn't have a chance to get my daily read on with the many blogs I follow. I did stumble upon a few topping out my (and yours too) Friday Links of Love. 

Amys 'Merica  Yall post // so dang cute and quintessential Brooklyn. ps. super bummed I missed a chance to meet this girl. Next time, Amy!

Enjoy the weekend, friends!


  1. The amazing thing about living in New York, is there will always be a 'next time' for people to visit! Don't you fret, I know first hand how quickly time fills up when you're here and look forward to your next visit :)

    And A-freaking-MEN to your post above on 'simplicity'. If you haven't already, do read this article -->

    It's nothing crazy or a new mindset by any means, but so much truth about how we spend our time and the art of being still and idol. It seems to be a hard thing day-to-day for me to learn, so I'm making myself re-read it in the mornings!



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