July 24, 2012

I've really been into the rustic, navajo, desert vibe lately and came across these spaces that have been me in total lust.  As much as I love white space and super clean design my own home tends to fall into the flea market and vintage/modern design category a bit more than the simple, white and clean.  I think it's the colors and print designs that I find so attractive with this style.  It's so cozy and welcoming. Old yet new, bright yet dark. I love the contrast.  What do you guys think? Does your house have a distinct style? Isn't home design so much fun!? 

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  1. Love those types of spaces-a mix of colorful textiles with a worn-in vibe! I have always tried to be more minimal too because I truly love the cleanness & openness of pretty white walls...but, I also tend to fill my space with unique vintage pieces that are usually a little beat up and bright, beautiful patterns! Something about color makes me feel at home & old pieces just have a loving history that gives a space character. I am really digging desert inspired blankets & rugs-obsessed!
    PS-Really digging your blog too!

  2. So well put Benicia! Thanks for taking time to share your input and thanks for the sweet comment!

  3. beautiful! i think we have some similar taste going on my friend.


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