August 13, 2012

We have known about you now for only 5 days and already you have filled our life with so much happiness.  I've been waiting for you a long time, and to know that you are finally ready for us brightens our souls in more ways than you will probably ever know.  We've been asking God to lead us in the journey to parent hood and the way he has been working in our lives lately is a true testament of his love for us.  We wanted you so badly and then out of no where God said now was not the time.  He was leading us down another path in which we pursued with such conviction. Our hearts were so dedicated to the whole process but yet again, God showed up and said now is not the time for that either. So we were back at square one- until 4 days later when we found out you were growing in my belly. Our time had finally come and you were so ready. We still think you have a brother in Africa and we are excited about bringing him home to be with us and you, someday. 

Not many people know about you yet, my little one. And although we have only truly known about your presence for a few days, we have felt you in our lives for a long time.  I was created to be your mother and the honor is almost too much for me to bear.  My eyes fill with tears thinking about who you will be, what you will look like, what your laughter will sound like, the scent of your skin.  You are not on this earth yet, and already I love you with more intensity than I thought imaginable.  You are so loved already and in due time, I will be able to touch your sweet face, and smell your sweet baby smell. Keep growing and getting strong and mama will do her best to keep you safe and warm.  Thank you for allowing us the gift to be your mama and papa, our sweet baby.


  1. beautifully written. what a lucky babe.

  2. Hey, CONGRATS! Great news and best of luck;)

  3. happened across your blog today. and i plan to happen across it more often! congratulations! i love the way you wrote this and especially your trusting nature in God. it's such an encouragement to read. :) i look forward to reading more about this new journey!



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