August 3, 2012

This afternoon Nick and I are headed to the country with my family to visit my grandma on her farm.  It's always so fun to visit the farm. The endless amount of childhood memories of swinging on tire swings in the barn, rolling hay barrels, chewing on tommy grass, and hearing countless stories from my grandma about old ancestors is always such a treat.  It's the sort of trip you have to mentally prepare yourself for- there's not much showering and pampering while you're on the farm.  You pack your oldest jeans and boots and surrender to the fact that you're living farm life for the weekend.  It's such a nice change of pace.  Have a great weekend! 

photo via. (anyone know the original source?)


  1. Sounds so wonderful. It's been too long since I've been somewhere like that. Have a wonderful time :)

  2. have a lovely time on the farm. enjoy your weekend and time with the family!

  3. Sounds like an amazing place....enjoy!!


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